Hello World!

Good morning world!

My name is Ashley and here you will find stories about my everyday life in Dallas TX.

Let me just welcome myself first! I am about to be 33 years old and i of course live in Dallas TX. I live with my fiance of 8 years and our two girls Sadie (a boxer/lab mix) and Lola (a Shepard mix) THEY ARE OUR LIFE! So you will probably hear a lot about them! I work for a nonprofit here in Dallas called VOGEL ALCOVE. We provide daycare and daily needs for homeless children in Dallas County. It is a wonderful organization and I am blessed to work there. In my spare time I enjoy hitting up one of the many dog parks around us or going on a daily adventure with my fiance (Jason) and exploring Dallas.

Well that’s enough for now. Ill leave you with my first “THIS JUST HAPPENED”

During my daily travels on public transportation I come across many different, unusual and sometimes completely unforgettable people.

I see him every day in different places around town. 300lb plus man, muddy clothes, worn out duffel bags and the ever so confused and lonely glare upon his face.  NEVER asking anyone for anything! I see him staring at the sky and can only imagine what he may be thinking. I see him rummaging through his bags or the nearby trash can and I wonder what it is he’s looking for. I see him getting kicked off the bus because he smells so bad and watch him on his walk of humility as he departs the bus. I see him struggling with his 300lb self to make it across the street to catch the bus only to witness the driver and random passengers joke and say “Oh here comes big boy better hurry and go” and the driver speeds away.

I want to scream and yell and cry at these people but I wonder “what good will it do?” So many days I have sat and done nothing. Then I realized that by doing nothing I have become part of “those people” that I cannot stand and want to scream and yell and cry at! What could I do, what could I say, how could I help? These were all questions that rushed through my head all at once. The bus drives away and he still stands there lost and confused.

I had had enough.

I was approaching my bus stop and saw him. Standing in the street, with his worn out duffle bags and staring at the sky. I am not one to approach a complete stranger but there I went….


Nothing…he stares at the ground twirling his hair.

“My name is Ashley.” And I stuck my hand out to shake with his.

Nothing….he glances up for a brief second to see me.

“Do you have a bus pass today?”

Finally! He glances up again and says in a very tiny voice “Um…I might…I don’t think so….”

“Have you eaten anything today?”

He glances into the nearby trash can “Um….no…I can’t find anything good today”

“Follow me, the bus is about to be here”

He grabbed his bags and slowly made it across the street. I realize he has the mentality of about a 4 year old shy little boy and I wish I could do SO much more at this point.

The bus driver pulls up and I can imagine the things they are saying already. Bus door opens and I step on, swipe my bus ticket and put $5 in the machine. The bus driver looked at me confused and I proudly said that is for a day pass for my friend and I handed the ticket to him.

I went and took my seat and he walks shyly past me to the very back of the bus and sat down.

It was a quiet ride to my stop and as I was getting off I hear him in his tiny voice exclaim…

“HEY nice lady…..thank you”

He smiled.

I had done something about it all finally. I had stood up to all those people who laugh and mock and talk under their breath or even more so those who completely pass him by and never think twice about him or his situation.

I had done it all with a simple act of kindness…..

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