Poor Food Habits and Bus Rides….


Yesterday was a long day. I had plans for an awesome dinner but by the time I got home and settled in….chicken nuggets and crinkle fries it is!

I know that is a very poor food choice….I know I need to lose weight….i know these things.

Whats done is done.

To make up for it, tonight I will be making homemade Black beand and Sweet potato burritos! High fiber and Protien…low fat…just what my love handles need right now 😉

Now for a moment of “This just happened”

I was on the #26 waiting for departure and i kept hearing the sound of a soda can being opened…like three times in a row from the lady in front of me. A little curious I decided to stand up and streatch my legs. What do I see? This lady…had to be in her late 70’s early 80’s popping open beers and pouring them into a Big Glup 32oz styrafoam cup!!! She looks up at me and says with a grin on her face “What?”

This my friends….just happened.

Good Day~

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