Last days….


Sadie bug…this is her favorite spot in our current apt. She lays and looks out this window to watch squirrels all day with her sissy. Little does she know…in 2 days she will have a BACKYARD to chase squirrels!!

I have been packing and cleaning since I got home today…sooo ready for Friday to get here!  I will miss the “character” of our building and
our navy ble walls 🙂 I will miss being right next door to Aldi grocery store, Lola’s boyfriend “Bazzle” the doggie down the street, and my toilet! Haha yes, my toilet….its like the toilets in school when we were kids with no tank and it flushes like no other!!! Then there are the things I won’t miss…anoying neighbors, loud stomper upstairs, the lack of space…I could go on but I choose not to dwell on the negatives here anymore!

On to bigger and better 🙂

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