It is a dreary  and rainy 44 degrees here in Dallas TX…last night at 10pm it was a humid 80 degrees! That is my home state for ya. Wish I could have stayed in bed all day, however I had to get out in the cold rain and take my two busses to get here. Made it just in time too…I hear HAIL on the rooftop!

I have gotten a lot unpacked at the new place and some things on the walls…still alot to do. Monday night was my first night alone at the new place because Jason went to help a friend move. I had trouble sleeping but it could have had something to do with the 3 cups of tea i had!!

So last week I blogged about my healthy lifestyle plan. Here is my update.

For breakfast I have been eating fresh fruit and oatmeal. For lunch the last two day I have had chicken salad with whole wheat tortilla chips. (See recipe below) Dinners I have had baked sweet potato, chicken and then last night I was in a hurry and had a McWrap from McDonalds 😦 It was mighty tasty however I will not let it happen again!

As for the walk/jog/run program I started last night. I think I did ok…my hip was bothering me really bad but I did the best I could. Day 1 was walk 5min warmup, 60sec jog, 60sec walk X10 and then finnish with 5 min cooldown walk.

So far so good!

Now on to some GREAT DEALS!

I am awesome at finding great deals and known amongst my friends as the queen of thrift! While cutting coupons last night and browsing through sale adds from the Sunday paper I managed to find these great deals.


60ct box of Zyrtec for $26 & in the paper there was $11 worth of coupons for this week only making final cost $15 for two months of Zyrtec! Allergy sufferers take note!!


Soft Soap body wash on sale 2/$7 then found two $1 off coupons making final cost 2/$5!

Mens Right Gaurd deodorant  2/$7 and found coupon for $1.50 off PLUS you get $1.50 in extra bucks. Final price…2/$3!

Rimel cosmetics are currently BOGO 50% off then found two coupons for $1 off. Total savings of $2 plus 1/2 of one of the two items!

Infusium hair products (which is what I use…super excited) on sale 2/$10. Found $2 coupon PLUS CVS will give you $5 in extra bucks! Final price 2/$3!!!!

Venus Razors, I found $2 mfg coupon plus CVS will give you $3 extra bucks!

Gillette razors, I found $3 mfg coupon plus CVS will give you $2 extra bucks!

Garniea Oila Hair dye on sale for $8.99 minus the $3 coupon I found. Total price $5.99!!


As mentioned above, here is my recipe for my chicken salad.

1 can chicken shredded

diced onions

shredded carrots



Mix it all together  and eat with chips/crackers…whatever you desire.

Well it is time for me to get back to work! Everyone have a great day!

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