Morning…not going to say “good”morning because nothing is good about the headache I have from not drinking soda for the past 3 days! Maybe I shouldn’t quit cold turkey like this…maybe I can have just one ūüôā

Yesterday we went to RAC (rent a center) to lease a laptop, the sales guy/manager was super rude and very inpersonable. Wasted an hour and a half of my day to find out it would be 59$ a week!!! ridiculous! Walked down the street to a pawn shop and got a laptop for $85!! Amazing! Sorry jusnt had to rant a little and brag at the smae time.

I went to Walmart¬†later on yesterday and used some of my coupons (walmart¬†price matches)¬†and was able to get some pretty good deals. I also did some grocery shopping for my “healthy” dinner and lunches. Last night I had a black bean Boca Burger¬†on a bed of romaine, tomatoes, roasted corn, red pepper flakes and drizzle of evoo. It was DELICIOUS! I took a photo but forgot to bring my camera to work today. Will update blog tomorrow. I am trying to do as much “whole food” as I can but it is hard to switch all at once. I am now just being more cautious about the pkg foods I am buying which is still going down a better path! For breakfast I am having whole wheat waffles with no syrup or butter and fresh fruit. Lunches I am having boca¬†burgers and boca¬†chicken patties with salads. Snacks I have greek yogurt, fruit, nuts and Kellog’s¬†Special K protein bars and shakes. For drinks I am having tea, water and vitamin waters. I am very proud of myself and they changes I have made already.

If you go to the 7Eleven¬†website you can sign up to receive coupons monthly and I got Kellog’s¬†Shake for 1.99 and protein Bar for free!


Today at Vogel Alcove we are hosting a “Coffee with Kids” no…kids are not having coffee lol. We¬†are welcoming ¬†potential donors and volunteers¬†to come in¬†throughout the day to take a tour of our facilities, visit with the children of Vogel Alcove and get any questions they may have about our organization answered.

Yesterday we had a orginization called Mazies Mission here. They come once a month and bring in rescue dogs for the children to interact with and they read “dog related” books to the children for a brief story time. The children LOVE this day…except for the very ¬†few who are terrified of dogs. This helps them get over that fear though!

IMG_20130410_151844 Check out their website http://maziesmission.org/

Well time for me to get back to work! Hope everyone has a great day~

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