It has been a very long week….cannot wait for 1pm to get here already (start of my weekend)

I plan on having no plans! I am finally going to stay home and do nothing. I have been so busy every weekend since we moved! I hope to get all the rest of our things unpacked and do some major cleaning…posiablly get ready for a yard sale!

Here is a recap of my week so far…

Monday was an amazing day! Sarah Mclachlan came to my job at Vogel Alcove to take a tour and to read a book to the children here. She is so sweet and down to earth! Monday night she performed at the Meyerson Symphony Music Hall with the Dallas Symphony as a charity event for Vogel Alcove. We were graciously given two $250 tickets and got to go. It was magical and she has the voice of an angel…even when she is at the tail end of a 7 week stretch with walking pneumonia!!! Right before we left to go to the concert our youngest dog Lola decided she would escape and go on a 3 mile sprint with my fiance chasing after her!! She went weaving in an out of 5 o’clock traffic several times. I thing Jason had a mini heart attack.

Tuesday through Thursday it was nasty and cold (Dallas broke a low temp record from 1909 at 37 degrees!) That is just nuts for late April! So due to the cold weather all I have done is SLEEP! I come home from work…take a couple hour nap…watch a few episode of Dr Who…eat a quick dinner and then go to bed for the night! I havent been cooking real dinners because Jason got a new job working with Dallas Summer Musicals at Fair Park Dallas! Hopefully I get to go see Wicked before they leave to Louisiana in a few weeks. I have been DYING to see it. Anyway…I have just been eating stuff like salad or spinach quesidillas and other quick meals for one.

Work has been slow until today. We got a donation of about 3000 diapers which is greatly appreciated! Just doing some reorganization and getting ready for our spring shop for the parents to come get a few items they may need for their kiddos.

Tonight….I relax.

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