19 days of random happenings

So I haven’t blogged anything since the 1st of May…that’s what happens when your husband is home the same times that you are!! We have been going out to eat a lot and doing things around town. I have gained 4lbs this month but I blame it on it being my birthday month! Saturday May 18th was my 33rd birthday. The past few weeks I have been celebrating. Went out to Fort Worth Tx for weekend before last and spent some much needed time with my family. Did a lot of shopping and eating with them! Found a new fav gelato…


My sister bought me a BEAUTIFUL dress…


Then all this last week my honey and I went out to dinner every night to celebrate. Friday we went shopping for me for my birthday and I got a couple cute tops and some new shoes. Saturday…on my birthday we went to dinner at my favorite burger place “Jakes Old Fashioned Hamburger” and I got my usual…The Hot Cowboy (burger with jalapeno bacon, chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese) with sweet potato fries. I also had a 10$ Jake Shake….it was pineapple rum, mango rum and banana run with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a cherry on top!


We also found a new little hole in the wall diner that has the BEST breakfast in Dallas.


We went two days in a row!! I got the chorizo omelet with hash browns and two buttermilk biscuits. Soooo…no wonder I have gained 4lbs…im surprised it wasn’t more! I am not very proud of myself for my poor food habits however everyone deserves to let loose now and then and why not on my birthday week!

Since I stepped on the scales and saw my weight gain I am now ready to get back on track. For my birthday I ordered me a weighted hoop so I can start hoop fitness! A friend got one and has lost 5lbs in two weeks. Plus I was doing research on hoop fitness and found out that it helps with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, mood stabilization and so much more! All of which I suffer from. I should get it in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday and will defiantly be updating on that progress. My honey wants to buy me a bicycle for my birthday as well, just looking for one that I like still.

Since I have turned 33 now I feel I should set forth some goals for this year.

#1 loose 33 lb at age 33 yrs

#2 get out more and stop being a Netflix hermit!!

#3 de-clutter my life…things and people

#4 Attempt to cook at home every night

#5 save money for a much needed vacay….I got over a week of vacation time already this year and I need to start putting it to use!

So back to reality….my bday fun is over. Tonight I am making baked vegan spaghetti.

Good day~

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