PIZZA!! One of our favorite meals. I am so glad that I have a talent for making it homemade/semi-homemade. Yes…every once in a while that greasy super fattening carb loaded delivery pizza is ok. However once you taste my pizza, you will wonder why all these years you have been stuffing your faces and paying high prices and deliver fees for something you too can make at home!

“Why do we ever order delivery when your pizza is this good?!?!?” -quote from a happy husband

So I usually make my own crust, however last night I was in a hurry so I opted for Pillsbury can crust. I must say that it was the best texture of any store bought crust I have ever purchased. I of course rubbed it down with some EVOO and oregano and garlic for flavor 🙂

Toppings were a great variety of fresh veggies, Boca meatless crumbles and homemade sauce! Below you will find a complete list of ingredients and directions.

On and off yesterday (I was very determined) I practiced my hula hoop. I FINALY was able to keep it going for about 20sec! I was so proud I had to give myself a high five. My sides are a little sore this morning but “NO PAIN…NO GAIN”

Today I came in an hour early in hopes of getting off an hour early….not happening…actually staying 30 min late! Oh well thank god for three day weekends.  Speaking of three day weekends, hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! We will be finding somewhere to swim at some point. Also on the agenda is a bbq picnic with our two wonderful pups and trying out this coffee shop on lower Greenville, they are now carrying HYPNOTIC DONUTS!

As mentioned above here is a grocery list of items for my semi-homemade pizza:

Bake crust as directed and rub down with EVOO, garlic and oregano.


Mix tomato paste with water, crushed cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, salt and crushed red peppers.


Apply sauce to crust.

Later toppings.


Bake for an additional 30min or until crust is golden and pizza is bubbly!!




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