difficult times

Good morning!

Well not really.

Just a quick background on my health. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain and chronic inflammation in my hips. Since Friday I have had some pretty bad flare ups so I really didn’t do too much. Tried to get out and do stuff to keep my mobility going good but it just seemed to make things worse. I missed work yesterday (thank god for paid time off) I came back to work today and was completely humiliated when I went to get on and off the buses and had such a difficult time! I arrived at work in tears. I am too damn young to feel this damn old!

Aside from the above…I have been doing great on my eating habits and I also downloaded an app to remind me to drink water! It says I should be drinking 119oz a day. I was drinking apx 20oz a day….that is scary. I am now up to 75-100oz a day thanks to the reminders. I have practiced my hoop as much as my body would allow…got a few new bruises. Below is a pictorial of my meals over the past few days. Forgot to bring my usb so no pictures today! I will leave you with a pic of my super cute baby girl Lola however!

384616_10200504543069480_2127641590_n (lola bug @ park)


Good day~


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