Its Friday…need I say any more? Ok, so am I done here?…..

OK OK I guess ill blog for real!

As you can tell I am pretty excited Friday has arrived. I have nothing awesome planned for the weekend….not that I have any money to do anything even if I did! However, sometimes doing absolutely nothing can be pretty awesome in itself. I have been sleeping horrible past couple nights because cats fighting outside my window or a injured raccoon dragging its hind legs making its way across my back yard. In both cases it is absolutely driving my dogs bonkers and making them pace back and forth from front door to back door…ALL NIGHT….on hard wood floors. 😦

Anyway…on to something positive!

I am becoming slightly obsessed with jars (Kerr and Ball) all sizes. I am using them as storage for spices, dry pantry items and as gifts! Below is a picture of some of my jars.


I just printed off a lot of really cute labels for the lids and will be modge podgeing them this weekend. I will upload pictures when done.

6543346613_2d656912b3_z This is an example of the gifts I will be doing for people. Recently at work we made 150 cookies in a jar, 150 strawberry shortcakes in a jar and 150 salad in a jar! That is where my obsession began!

Last night I downloaded a new app on my phone called “Noom Weight Loss Coach”. It allows you to keep track of your food intake/calories, motivates you to do different task each day and teaches you how to eat healthier. There is also a forum on the app an a lot of people post great workouts and recipes. I think the best part about the app is that it has a pedometer! I have downloaded pedometers before and they just don’t work that well. This one so far is amazing! It keeps track of your steps even when your phone is timed out. So far this morning I have walked 1013 steps and counting.

So about this weekend…I plan on sleeping….A LOT!

Good Day~

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