its july already……

Where has this year gone! Cannot believe it is July already!

I haven’t posted anything in about a month for many reasons. I have been really busy with work and or not really feeling it lately. I’ve had a lot of pain in my back and hips this past month. Gone to a lot of doctors, had a lot of blood taken, got x-rays and MRI’s done. Hoping and praying that something is figured out within the next couple weeks as to why I hurt so much and so often. Doctor put me off work for a week and I laughed at him and said that’s not happening! So instead he put me on light duty/no lifting/no bending and with limited walking….for TWO WEEKS. that lasted about 2 days here at my job. My job duties require a lot of heavy lifting, dragging, bending, climbing, walking….a lot of walking! Also they just added new duties to my daily work that requires even more heavy lifting etc.

So I am kind of stuck between listening to the doctor and taking the risk of losing hours at work or listening to my job and having constant pain. Its a pretty shitty choice to have to make. So here I am…at work (on break)…in pain. OH and I am not allowed to take any medication while I am on the clock either!

SOOO glad that this week is only a three day week!

Ok…lets change the subject. I am holding steady at my weight which I guess isn’t so bad, at least I am not gaining! I have been eating pretty good foods. Everything grilled, steamed or baked…not a lot of fast food and haven’t got to eat out since my birthday. So if my dang body would stop hurting and let me get out and do more maybe the lbs would start to come off again. Right now it is a major deal and drains so much to get out and do anything or to do things around the house. All I want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies 😦 I did change my hair color and got me some bangs….


Something great has happened! My wonderful hubby got an amazing job last week. Today is his first day. He is a salesman at heart and I am so overly excited that he is finally back in the business! He is working for a company called CORESPACE. This is amazing for our financial situation and I know he will do great things for the company. I love him SO much!

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby girls…


Well, lunch break is almost over. I will blog more later.

Good day~

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