Rainy Wednesday


Day 3 of this slow and steady drizzle/rain and I am SO over it! My dogs are over it as well, they just want to be outside running and soaking up the sun. Taking the bus in this weather is a nightmare! Especially when you are heading out while it is still dark outside. Monday I slipped and fell in the mud and my bus was 1/2 hour late due to the rain.

Speaking of bus rides, this morning a pretty nice looking older gentleman got on the bus wearing a trench coat and carrying a briefcase. He started fumbling through it and acting all weird and sneaky. I of course was being nosy and trying to see what he was all flustered about. In his briefcase was a whole bunch of old newspaper clippings and old TIME magazines. Everything he had was JFK, MLK and Moon Landing related. He had written “TRUTH” on a lot of the stuff in red marker. Strange…yet I have seen stranger.

Work has been going great, getting more hours and more responsibilities. Making that $$. I guess with the extra cash I am bringing in now I could splurge and buy me some more business casual clothes and shoes since i pretty much have NONE! I mean seriously what woman only has ONE pair of dress shoes?!?! Oh yeah… me. 😦 Guess I will start looking for any sales happening this weekend.

Speaking of sales and deals; at the 99cent Only Store they now have four packs of the International Delight Iced Coffee for ONLY 99CENTS! What?!?! Heck yeah I bought some and they are really good. Think I’ll go back today and wipe them out!


Well I suppose I should start working on stuff here at work, a lot has to be done in preparation for our Nov 1st Coat Closet for our families. So excited for colder weather! Too bad this is TEXAS and we will only need coats for a few months. Oh well. Texas if defiantly a hoodie, scarf and mittens state though!

Hope everyone has a wonderful HUMPDAY!



On the bus this morning there was a creepy old guy who told some young girl (prob a teen even) that she looked dirty and he would like to take her home to meet his mamma……there was a lady holding a 3 way conversation with herself and then there was a guy with a tin foil hat and a tin foil wrapped brief case “to shield the spies from his top secret mission” or so he exclaimed several times on the ride. Funny thing is…i didn’t even really take a double take or show any form of shock. This has become all to common and familiar to me lately and it makes me wonder….are they the normal ones and I am really the crazy one???


Public Transportation…

Dear Public Transportation,

I have a love-hate relationship with you. I love the fact that I spend WAY less monthly than I would if I had a car, however the hate is outweighing the love at this point.  Lest start with your drivers…or as I like to call them NASCAR drivers. WHY do they feel the need to fly around corners so fast that children go rolling down the isle? I just don’t understand. There is the occasional driver I like to call “grandpa” who creeps along tapping the breaks every 5 seconds and stops at every single stop even if no one is there or no one needs off! Why cant they just drive the way they are supposed to…speed limit, breaking when needed, slowing down around corners…you know, normal things. They get paid to drive and get people to their destination safe and ON TIME.

Then we have the issue of regular maintenance. Why is it that you break down at least once a week. You do go in for checkups right? While you in for maintenance you might want to let them check out all the seats that are falling apart or missing completely…i think that is considered to be a safety issue…don’t you? Also why is it that on hot muggy days it is only the HEATER that is working…and at full blast most of the time?

Last lets get to the passengers. I know you have no control over this but it is part of my hatred towards using you. There a MANY different types of people that I see daily. There are some that are considerate, and smile at you and maybe even strike up a brief conversation….rarely…but it does happen. This is a list of the ones who I loathe.

  • The loud mouth: On their phone talking so loud you would thing that they are back there screaming through a mega phone! NO ONE CARES what your going to get at the store or that you boyfriend cheated on you with you dad!
  • The obvious creeper: This is the one that sits either at the very front of the bus and faces directly towards everyone else and stares at them forcing you into awkward moments of eye contact!  If your trying to undress me with your eyes you going to be quite disappointed…nothing sexy here!
  • The not so obvious creeper: the one who sits behind you and you can feel their breath and their eyes piercing into the back of your head.
  • The smacker: Eating or chewing gum and just licking and smacking away. Damn is it REALLY that good? Then there is the ones who are smacking and sucking and you look back there and they have absolutely NOTHING….ewe nasty.
  • The interrupter: Doesn’t matter what you are taking about or who you are talking to…they WILL butt in and start talking to you….this is an A-B conversation…C your way outta here!
  • The farter: Yep…he/she don’t care…more room out than in. Oh it it will most likely happen on one of those hot muggy days I mentioned before where the heater is kicking full blast….expect it!
  • The pisser: He/She either has a really weak bladder….laughed so hard and couldn’t get to a bathroom or most likely went out the night before and got so drunk they passed out and pissed their self.
  • The shitter: This is the worst! You cant tell if it is just REALLY REALLY bad gas, or they literally just shit their pants!
  • The baby mamma: This is the girl with 10 kids swinging from her every limb as she smacks them in the back of the head for breathing, threatening the to take the kids and leave em with their daddy….really…is it that bad?
  • The goody two shoes: She is the one who gets on afraid to touch anything and holding her nose. Almost always she will have a newspaper to put down to sit on as if she is afraid somethings going to claw its way through her clothes and get on her! Something obviously happened to make you need to rely on public transportation therefore you are no better than the rest of us. If it is your choice to do so then trust me you will get immune to it all!
  • The smoker: The one who is taking the last drag as they step on the bus and exhale all in the bus…cough choke cough
  • The toker: This one is kinda slow,…usually creeping up as bus is about to leave and banging on the side of the bus. Upon entering they are so high, reeking of marijuana and a cloud of smoke chasing behind them.
  • The fighter: The female who, IF you cuss and her child is there with her she WILL throw her child down on the floor to whoop you ass! “Seen it happen” and wanted to share this video with you:

I could go one listing but I will leave it at this. I promise I LOVE you…but I’m just letting you know of the little annoyances of our daily travels!


Grateful Passenger

weight loss…

GOOD MORNING! Headache is gone. Also I weighed in this morning and I have lost 2lbs 3oz this week so far! I am very proud of myself. Dinner last night was amazing. I made a Boca Chicken BLT Salad. Second picture is of my dinner the night before that I promised. 🙂


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Boca Burger with Romaine, tomato, corn and red pepper flakes

This morning on the bus, there was a new driver and he was very rude to everyone! If you don’t like your job QUIT! I also realized something this morning on my way to work. On the corner of Elm and Akard (every morning) is this guy who works for “Dallas Street Zine” a local paper. He is what puts a smile on my face every morning! He is SOO happy no matter what the weather conditions are, out there dancing, doing the running man and all covered with pigeons!!! The Dallas birds LOVE this man! He gets out in front of the bus and will serenade us and just bring such a positive moment to our (or at least mine) mornings!  Well this past week he hasn’t been there!!! I wonder if he moved locations downtown or if he quit. Either way I would like to thank him for making me smile daily.

So, its Friday and I am ready for this work week to be over with! I am ready to sit out in the back yard with my dogs with a big glass of iced tea and soak up some sun!

Hope everyone has a great Friday.

Good day~

I’m alive…barely


What a weekend!

Woke up at 5am Friday morning to start moving. Ended up having to get a Uhaul truck. Got everything in 3 loads but it took all day because it was just me and my honey moving everything!

Our doggies had a rough weekend. My youngest, Lola woke up Friday morning throwing up over and over and over. Finally got past the vomiting and then I noticed her poor little mouth was extremly swollen on the right side! I gave her some benadryl and it helped until the medicine wore off then it swole back up! After another round of benadryl poor baby was much better.

THEN…we let them explore their new back yard and they got into a MAJOR fight 😦 Sadie punctured a hole in Lolas mouth and cut her left eye and Lola put a gash on Sadies chest! I was not very happy with them the rest of the day.

THEN…Sunday we applied a flea treatment on them in case there was fleas in the new yard and Lola decides to start rubbing her face on the ground and made her whole mouth and nose raw and bloody 😦

Aside from all the doggy drama….I ABSOLUTLY LOVE OUR NEW APARTMENT!!!!! It is so quiet and all three of the other tenants in the building are awesome and they all cook dinners for eachother and share internet and cable. Our neighborhood is super cute!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA bedroom looking into living area

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMY FAVORITE PART!!! Washer and Dryer…we did like 10 loads!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALolas new window to look out 🙂

On Sunday I went and took pictures of my one of my besties and her new hubby at a nearby park! Wish it wouldnt have been so gloomy, but i did manage to get some great shots!


Well this brings me to today, back to work. I had to learn a new bus route this morning and I still managed to get to work on time!

Good day~

Last days….


Sadie bug…this is her favorite spot in our current apt. She lays and looks out this window to watch squirrels all day with her sissy. Little does she know…in 2 days she will have a BACKYARD to chase squirrels!!

I have been packing and cleaning since I got home today…sooo ready for Friday to get here!  I will miss the “character” of our building and
our navy ble walls 🙂 I will miss being right next door to Aldi grocery store, Lola’s boyfriend “Bazzle” the doggie down the street, and my toilet! Haha yes, my toilet….its like the toilets in school when we were kids with no tank and it flushes like no other!!! Then there are the things I won’t miss…anoying neighbors, loud stomper upstairs, the lack of space…I could go on but I choose not to dwell on the negatives here anymore!

On to bigger and better 🙂

Poor Food Habits and Bus Rides….


Yesterday was a long day. I had plans for an awesome dinner but by the time I got home and settled in….chicken nuggets and crinkle fries it is!

I know that is a very poor food choice….I know I need to lose weight….i know these things.

Whats done is done.

To make up for it, tonight I will be making homemade Black beand and Sweet potato burritos! High fiber and Protien…low fat…just what my love handles need right now 😉

Now for a moment of “This just happened”

I was on the #26 waiting for departure and i kept hearing the sound of a soda can being opened…like three times in a row from the lady in front of me. A little curious I decided to stand up and streatch my legs. What do I see? This lady…had to be in her late 70’s early 80’s popping open beers and pouring them into a Big Glup 32oz styrafoam cup!!! She looks up at me and says with a grin on her face “What?”

This my friends….just happened.

Good Day~

Hello World!

Good morning world!

My name is Ashley and here you will find stories about my everyday life in Dallas TX.

Let me just welcome myself first! I am about to be 33 years old and i of course live in Dallas TX. I live with my fiance of 8 years and our two girls Sadie (a boxer/lab mix) and Lola (a Shepard mix) THEY ARE OUR LIFE! So you will probably hear a lot about them! I work for a nonprofit here in Dallas called VOGEL ALCOVE. We provide daycare and daily needs for homeless children in Dallas County. It is a wonderful organization and I am blessed to work there. In my spare time I enjoy hitting up one of the many dog parks around us or going on a daily adventure with my fiance (Jason) and exploring Dallas.

Well that’s enough for now. Ill leave you with my first “THIS JUST HAPPENED”

During my daily travels on public transportation I come across many different, unusual and sometimes completely unforgettable people.

I see him every day in different places around town. 300lb plus man, muddy clothes, worn out duffel bags and the ever so confused and lonely glare upon his face.  NEVER asking anyone for anything! I see him staring at the sky and can only imagine what he may be thinking. I see him rummaging through his bags or the nearby trash can and I wonder what it is he’s looking for. I see him getting kicked off the bus because he smells so bad and watch him on his walk of humility as he departs the bus. I see him struggling with his 300lb self to make it across the street to catch the bus only to witness the driver and random passengers joke and say “Oh here comes big boy better hurry and go” and the driver speeds away.

I want to scream and yell and cry at these people but I wonder “what good will it do?” So many days I have sat and done nothing. Then I realized that by doing nothing I have become part of “those people” that I cannot stand and want to scream and yell and cry at! What could I do, what could I say, how could I help? These were all questions that rushed through my head all at once. The bus drives away and he still stands there lost and confused.

I had had enough.

I was approaching my bus stop and saw him. Standing in the street, with his worn out duffle bags and staring at the sky. I am not one to approach a complete stranger but there I went….


Nothing…he stares at the ground twirling his hair.

“My name is Ashley.” And I stuck my hand out to shake with his.

Nothing….he glances up for a brief second to see me.

“Do you have a bus pass today?”

Finally! He glances up again and says in a very tiny voice “Um…I might…I don’t think so….”

“Have you eaten anything today?”

He glances into the nearby trash can “Um….no…I can’t find anything good today”

“Follow me, the bus is about to be here”

He grabbed his bags and slowly made it across the street. I realize he has the mentality of about a 4 year old shy little boy and I wish I could do SO much more at this point.

The bus driver pulls up and I can imagine the things they are saying already. Bus door opens and I step on, swipe my bus ticket and put $5 in the machine. The bus driver looked at me confused and I proudly said that is for a day pass for my friend and I handed the ticket to him.

I went and took my seat and he walks shyly past me to the very back of the bus and sat down.

It was a quiet ride to my stop and as I was getting off I hear him in his tiny voice exclaim…

“HEY nice lady…..thank you”

He smiled.

I had done something about it all finally. I had stood up to all those people who laugh and mock and talk under their breath or even more so those who completely pass him by and never think twice about him or his situation.

I had done it all with a simple act of kindness…..