Rainy Wednesday


Day 3 of this slow and steady drizzle/rain and I am SO over it! My dogs are over it as well, they just want to be outside running and soaking up the sun. Taking the bus in this weather is a nightmare! Especially when you are heading out while it is still dark outside. Monday I slipped and fell in the mud and my bus was 1/2 hour late due to the rain.

Speaking of bus rides, this morning a pretty nice looking older gentleman got on the bus wearing a trench coat and carrying a briefcase. He started fumbling through it and acting all weird and sneaky. I of course was being nosy and trying to see what he was all flustered about. In his briefcase was a whole bunch of old newspaper clippings and old TIME magazines. Everything he had was JFK, MLK and Moon Landing related. He had written “TRUTH” on a lot of the stuff in red marker. Strange…yet I have seen stranger.

Work has been going great, getting more hours and more responsibilities. Making that $$. I guess with the extra cash I am bringing in now I could splurge and buy me some more business casual clothes and shoes since i pretty much have NONE! I mean seriously what woman only has ONE pair of dress shoes?!?! Oh yeah… me. 😦 Guess I will start looking for any sales happening this weekend.

Speaking of sales and deals; at the 99cent Only Store they now have four packs of the International Delight Iced Coffee for ONLY 99CENTS! What?!?! Heck yeah I bought some and they are really good. Think I’ll go back today and wipe them out!


Well I suppose I should start working on stuff here at work, a lot has to be done in preparation for our Nov 1st Coat Closet for our families. So excited for colder weather! Too bad this is TEXAS and we will only need coats for a few months. Oh well. Texas if defiantly a hoodie, scarf and mittens state though!

Hope everyone has a wonderful HUMPDAY!




On the bus this morning there was a creepy old guy who told some young girl (prob a teen even) that she looked dirty and he would like to take her home to meet his mamma……there was a lady holding a 3 way conversation with herself and then there was a guy with a tin foil hat and a tin foil wrapped brief case “to shield the spies from his top secret mission” or so he exclaimed several times on the ride. Funny thing is…i didn’t even really take a double take or show any form of shock. This has become all to common and familiar to me lately and it makes me wonder….are they the normal ones and I am really the crazy one???



It is a dreary rainy day here in big D. I have slow cooker honey chicken going in the crock-pot and I am starving for dinner already!

I am running a Labor Day sale on my handmade Bohemian Braided Headbands so be sure to check it out here:


PicMonkey Collage


While you are there check out my other handmade items for sale!

Aside from business, I think today is going to be a rather lazy day! Got alot of movies in my Netflix queue to watch.

Until tomorrow~



It has been exactly TWO MONTHS since I last blogged! WTH? It has been a roller coaster two months at that!

Short RE-CAP:

July, not a whole lot was happening…normal daily routine. Trying to stay active…eat healthy…blah blah blah.

THEN August happened. Jason (hubby) fell and broke his elbow, dislocated his shoulder and cracked his shoulder blade! Luckily I was able to take a few days off to take care of him. He couldn’t eat, drink or shower alone. *Grown men are bigger babies than babies when in pain* but I LOVE him gosh darn-it so I put on my big girl panties and took care of my man. 🙂


Also in August I had my first actual vacation. Didn’t go anywhere or do anything but it was nice to just relax.

As far as my healthy goals in life….I am sad to say it but It kind of all fell apart this month. I am still eating healthy food choices however it is just mixed in with bad ones! I have had so many sodas the last month I cant even count. I gained about 5lbs this month 😦 I WILL get back on track though!!!!!

My hair has grown so much and it is out of control! I have had a inner battle with myself for the last month on weather or not to cut my hair.



I also found an awesome store thanks to my bestie Allison! It is called DD’s and they have super cute stuff…kinda like a Ross Dress for Less but CHEAPER!

I got this cute outfit (Jeans, Tank and Skull tee) for under 20$


With my vacation time and down time caring for Jason, I have been working on some crafts and sold a few items! Today I finally got my Facebook Business page up and running so be sure to go check it out! https://www.facebook.com/ashleyscraftygiftshoppe

September WILL be a better month. It has to be! Holidays are fast approaching and work life is going to get a little crazy but I promise to keep blogging every chance i get!


its july already……

Where has this year gone! Cannot believe it is July already!

I haven’t posted anything in about a month for many reasons. I have been really busy with work and or not really feeling it lately. I’ve had a lot of pain in my back and hips this past month. Gone to a lot of doctors, had a lot of blood taken, got x-rays and MRI’s done. Hoping and praying that something is figured out within the next couple weeks as to why I hurt so much and so often. Doctor put me off work for a week and I laughed at him and said that’s not happening! So instead he put me on light duty/no lifting/no bending and with limited walking….for TWO WEEKS. that lasted about 2 days here at my job. My job duties require a lot of heavy lifting, dragging, bending, climbing, walking….a lot of walking! Also they just added new duties to my daily work that requires even more heavy lifting etc.

So I am kind of stuck between listening to the doctor and taking the risk of losing hours at work or listening to my job and having constant pain. Its a pretty shitty choice to have to make. So here I am…at work (on break)…in pain. OH and I am not allowed to take any medication while I am on the clock either!

SOOO glad that this week is only a three day week!

Ok…lets change the subject. I am holding steady at my weight which I guess isn’t so bad, at least I am not gaining! I have been eating pretty good foods. Everything grilled, steamed or baked…not a lot of fast food and haven’t got to eat out since my birthday. So if my dang body would stop hurting and let me get out and do more maybe the lbs would start to come off again. Right now it is a major deal and drains so much to get out and do anything or to do things around the house. All I want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies 😦 I did change my hair color and got me some bangs….


Something great has happened! My wonderful hubby got an amazing job last week. Today is his first day. He is a salesman at heart and I am so overly excited that he is finally back in the business! He is working for a company called CORESPACE. This is amazing for our financial situation and I know he will do great things for the company. I love him SO much!

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby girls…


Well, lunch break is almost over. I will blog more later.

Good day~



Its Friday…need I say any more? Ok, so am I done here?…..

OK OK I guess ill blog for real!

As you can tell I am pretty excited Friday has arrived. I have nothing awesome planned for the weekend….not that I have any money to do anything even if I did! However, sometimes doing absolutely nothing can be pretty awesome in itself. I have been sleeping horrible past couple nights because cats fighting outside my window or a injured raccoon dragging its hind legs making its way across my back yard. In both cases it is absolutely driving my dogs bonkers and making them pace back and forth from front door to back door…ALL NIGHT….on hard wood floors. 😦

Anyway…on to something positive!

I am becoming slightly obsessed with jars (Kerr and Ball) all sizes. I am using them as storage for spices, dry pantry items and as gifts! Below is a picture of some of my jars.


I just printed off a lot of really cute labels for the lids and will be modge podgeing them this weekend. I will upload pictures when done.

6543346613_2d656912b3_z This is an example of the gifts I will be doing for people. Recently at work we made 150 cookies in a jar, 150 strawberry shortcakes in a jar and 150 salad in a jar! That is where my obsession began!

Last night I downloaded a new app on my phone called “Noom Weight Loss Coach”. It allows you to keep track of your food intake/calories, motivates you to do different task each day and teaches you how to eat healthier. There is also a forum on the app an a lot of people post great workouts and recipes. I think the best part about the app is that it has a pedometer! I have downloaded pedometers before and they just don’t work that well. This one so far is amazing! It keeps track of your steps even when your phone is timed out. So far this morning I have walked 1013 steps and counting.

So about this weekend…I plan on sleeping….A LOT!

Good Day~

Quinoa Spinach Pilaf

Think I will make this for dinner tonight!

My Real Food Family

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting with some different uses for quinoa.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love plain quinoa and could eat it for almost every meal but certain other members of my family like a little more variety.  I like variety too but sometimes I just don’t think you should mess with a good thing!  In this case, I am glad I did.  This was absolutely perfect.  The flavors were incredible together and made for a light, healthy dish.  We added some grilled shrimp skewers to them and it was a amazing meal.

quinoa spinach pilaf


Quinoa Spinach Pilaf


  •  1 tablespoon olive oil
  •  1 finely chopped small yellow onion
  •  2 minced clove garlic
  •  1 cup rinsed quinoa
  •  1 1/4 cups water
  •  5 cups baby spinach (5 ounces)
  •  1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
  •  Salt and pepper


In a large saucepan, heat olive oil over medium…

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