This past weekend was so much fun! I had my niece come out to Dallas for a pre-birthday staycation. She had not been to Dallas, or on a bus, or on a rail, or a trolley ever! She had a blast. We went visited all the cool spots downtown and ate SO MUCH FOOD! I will just leave you with some photos from the weekend. I have a busy work week ahead of me so I’m not sure if i will be blogging much! Until next time….





Full Time!


Vogel Alcove Parade

Vogel Alcove Parade

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I officially started working FULL TIME at my job. I was so used to getting off work at 1230 every day and going home and being lazy! Now I am working until 430 every day and I HAVE to take an hour lunch break. Today’s lunch break was VERY boring. I think I will bring some work out clothes and jog laps in our gym a few days out of the week during that time. No excuse not to!

Tonight we are going to have a celebratory dinner for my going full time. Still trying to decide where to go. I will share later in the week the details!

I posted last Monday that we were changing our eating habits and I was backing off of soda. It is going great! I only drink ONE 12 oz can of soda each day and I actually went all of Saturday and Sunday without ANY soda at all! I had lost 4 lbs by last Friday and was so afraid I would gain it all back over the holiday weekend. I was able to maintain! GO ME! My husband Jason has been eating mainly meat, nuts and brown rice and he has lost 10 lbs since July 1st I am very proud of him.

Fourth of July festivities at work last Thursday were a blast and all the children had so much fun! Thanks to Dallas Heritage Village for letting us use your grounds for a HUGE (compared to what we normally would have had) parade and watermelon picnic. Also thanks for giving the children carriage rides and having games set up for them to play! Above are some photos from this wonderful day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Grill Time!

Good morning…yesterday was a great day! My HOOP came in….and I am HORRIABLE at it but I am learning so its all good ūüôā


My friend Crystal took me out to lunch at Maracas in Deep Ellum and I had the best potato enchiladas ever. (THANKS CRYSTAL) It was whipped potatoes with cilantro and cheese with a chipotle cream sauce on top.  DELISH!

maracas sign

Decided to walk off all the food I had just eaten so Jason and I walked to Ace Hardware to get a few things. We have a little camping propane grill that we have never used and decided it was about time! Two propane tanks for 5.99….cant beat that.


Last night we made slider burgers, dogs and quinoa salad. Hung out with neighbors and enjoyed the wonderful summer (in spring) weather!

I practiced my hoop on and off throughout the evening and one time I was actually able to keep it going for about 6 rounds…then it fell on my big toe! ( this hoop may only weigh three pounds but that is a lot when slammed on your toes!) I will defiantly be wearing shoes from now on when I hoop.

Below are pictures and a quick description of our bbq menu items from last nights cook out. Many more to come now that we busted out the grill!


  • 6 Organic Beef Sliders from Whole Foods
  • Onion
  • pickle relish
  • cherry tomatoes
  • mustard/mayo/Athenos original Greek hummus
  • kings Hawaiian rolls


  • Jennie o’s turkey franks
  • relish
  • mustard/mayo
  • buns


Quinoa Salad:

  • quinoa
  • fresh cut green beans
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • zucchini
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cumin/garlic/salt/pepper
  • evoo


Sorry for the horrible picture (taken with my phone)

Also wanted to share an awesome deal I found today.

go to and if you are in the Dallas area you can get a deal for 1/2 off food at “Ketchup Burger Bar” on North Hall st between McKinney Ave and Cole Ave!


Buy 14$ worth of food coupon for only 7$ (I bought TWO!)

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!

19 days of random happenings

So I haven’t blogged anything since the 1st of May…that’s what happens when your husband is home the same times that you are!! We have been going out to eat a lot and doing things around town. I have gained 4lbs this month but I blame it on it being my birthday month! Saturday May 18th was my 33rd birthday. The past few weeks I have been celebrating. Went out to Fort Worth Tx for weekend before last and spent some much needed time with my family. Did a lot of shopping and eating with them! Found a new fav gelato…


My sister bought me a BEAUTIFUL dress…


Then all this last week my honey and I went out to dinner every night to celebrate.¬†Friday we went shopping for me for my birthday and I got a couple cute tops and some new shoes. Saturday…on my birthday we went to dinner at my favorite burger place “Jakes Old Fashioned Hamburger” and I got my usual…The Hot Cowboy (burger with jalapeno bacon, chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese) with sweet potato fries. I also had a 10$ Jake Shake….it was pineapple rum, mango rum and banana run with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a cherry on top!


We also found a new little hole in the wall diner that has the BEST breakfast in Dallas.


We went two days in a row!! I got the chorizo omelet with hash browns and two buttermilk biscuits. Soooo…no wonder I have gained 4lbs…im surprised it wasn’t more! I am not very proud of myself for my poor food habits however everyone deserves to let loose now and then and why not on my birthday week!

Since I stepped on the scales and saw my weight gain I am now ready to get back on track. For my birthday I ordered me a weighted hoop so I can start hoop fitness! A friend got one and has lost 5lbs in two weeks. Plus I was doing research on hoop fitness and found out that it helps with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, mood stabilization and so much more! All of which I suffer from. I should get it in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday and will defiantly be updating on that progress. My honey wants to buy me a bicycle for my birthday as well, just looking for one that I like still.

Since I have turned 33 now I feel I should set forth some goals for this year.

#1 loose 33 lb at age 33 yrs

#2 get out more and stop being a Netflix hermit!!

#3 de-clutter my life…things and people

#4 Attempt to cook at home every night

#5 save money for a much needed vacay….I got over a week of vacation time already this year and I need to start putting it to use!

So back to reality….my bday fun is over. Tonight I am making baked vegan spaghetti.

Good day~


It has been a very long week….cannot wait for 1pm to get here already (start of my weekend)

I plan on having no plans! I am finally going to stay home and do nothing. I have been so busy every weekend since we moved! I hope to get all the rest of our things unpacked and do some major cleaning…posiablly get ready for a yard sale!

Here is a recap of my week so far…

Monday was an amazing day! Sarah Mclachlan¬†came to my job at Vogel Alcove to take a tour and to read a book to the children here. She is so sweet and down to earth! Monday night she performed at the Meyerson Symphony Music Hall with the Dallas Symphony as a charity event for Vogel Alcove. We were graciously given two $250 tickets and got to go. It was magical and she has the voice of an angel…even when she is at the tail end of a 7 week stretch¬†with walking pneumonia!!! Right before we left to go to the concert our youngest dog Lola decided she would escape and go on a 3 mile sprint with my fiance¬†chasing after her!! She went weaving in an out¬†of 5 o’clock traffic several times. I thing Jason had a mini heart attack.

Tuesday through Thursday it was nasty and cold (Dallas broke a low temp record from 1909 at 37¬†degrees!) That is just¬†nuts for late April! So due to the cold weather all I have done is SLEEP! I come home from work…take a couple hour nap…watch a few episode of Dr Who…eat a quick dinner and then go to bed for the night! I havent been cooking real dinners because Jason got a new job working with Dallas Summer Musicals at Fair Park Dallas! Hopefully I get to go see Wicked¬†before they leave to Louisiana¬†in a few weeks. I have been DYING to see it. Anyway…I have just been eating stuff like salad or spinach quesidillas and other quick meals for one.

Work has been slow until today. We got a donation of about 3000 diapers which is greatly appreciated! Just doing some reorganization and getting ready for our spring shop for the parents to come get a few items they may need for their kiddos.

Tonight….I relax.


Sun is setting and it defiantly made an impact on me today….i am beet red! Good thing with me though is that I will be nice and brown by morning. I always tan well.

Today has been a great day. Woke up and got ready to do a family photo shoot at Dallas Fair Park, The Smith family were an awesome group! We got a good hour in of amazing photos.

Once I got home I put on my sundress and grabbed my honey to head out on a neighborhood stroll. On our walk we found a neat coat rack, a vintage mail/key holder and cool black coffee table with glass top that people were throwing out!! I love curb side finds…and we needed a coffee table really bad!

The rest of the day I spent outside with my doggies sipping on some sweet tea or inside editing the photos from today’s shoot. Tonight we will be going down the street to Zubar to see a friend spin ūüôā

I know thins has been kind of a random blog! I will leave you with my favorite photo from today…


weight loss…

GOOD MORNING! Headache is gone. Also I weighed in this morning and I have lost¬†2lbs¬†3oz¬†this week so far! I am very proud of myself. Dinner last night was amazing. I made a Boca Chicken BLT Salad. Second picture is of my dinner the night before that I promised. ūüôā


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Boca Burger with Romaine, tomato, corn and red pepper flakes

This morning on the bus, there was a new driver and he was very rude to everyone! If you don’t like your job QUIT! I also realized something this morning on my way to work. On the corner of Elm and Akard¬†(every morning) is this guy who works for “Dallas Street Zine” a local paper. He is what puts a smile on my face every morning! He is SOO¬†happy no matter what the weather conditions are, out there dancing, doing the running man and all covered with pigeons!!! The Dallas birds LOVE this man! He gets out in front of the bus and will serenade us and just bring such¬†a positive moment to our (or at least mine) mornings!¬† Well this past week he hasn’t been there!!! I wonder if he moved locations downtown or if he quit. Either way I would like to thank him for making me smile daily.

So, its Friday and I am ready for this work week to be over with! I am ready to sit out in the back yard with my dogs with a big glass of iced tea and soak up some sun!

Hope everyone has a great Friday.

Good day~


It is a dreary¬† and rainy 44 degrees here in Dallas TX…last night at 10pm¬†it was a humid 80 degrees! That is my home state for ya. Wish I could have stayed in bed all day, however I had to get out in the cold rain and take my two busses to get here. Made it just in time too…I hear HAIL on the rooftop!

I have gotten a lot¬†unpacked at the new place and some things on the walls…still alot to do. Monday night was my first night alone at the new place because Jason¬†went to help a friend move. I had trouble sleeping but it could have had something to do with the 3¬†cups of tea i had!!

So last week I blogged about my healthy lifestyle plan. Here is my update.

For breakfast I have been eating fresh fruit and oatmeal. For lunch the last two day I have had chicken salad with whole wheat tortilla chips. (See recipe below) Dinners I have had baked sweet potato, chicken and then last night I was in a hurry and had a McWrap from McDonalds ūüė¶ It was mighty tasty however I will not let it happen again!

As for the walk/jog/run program I started last night. I think I did ok…my hip was bothering me really bad but I did the best I could. Day 1 was walk 5min¬†warmup, 60sec¬†jog, 60sec¬†walk X10 and then finnish with 5 min cooldown walk.

So far so good!

Now on to some GREAT DEALS!

I am awesome at finding great deals and known amongst my friends as the queen of thrift! While cutting coupons last night and browsing through sale adds from the Sunday paper I managed to find these great deals.


60ct box of Zyrtec for $26 & in the paper there was $11 worth of coupons for this week only making final cost $15 for two months of Zyrtec! Allergy sufferers take note!!


Soft Soap body wash on sale 2/$7 then found two $1 off coupons making final cost 2/$5!

Mens Right Gaurd¬†deodorant¬† 2/$7 and found coupon for $1.50 off PLUS you get $1.50 in extra bucks. Final price…2/$3!

Rimel cosmetics are currently BOGO 50% off then found two coupons for $1 off. Total savings of $2 plus 1/2 of one of the two items!

Infusium hair products (which is what I use…super excited) on sale 2/$10. Found $2 coupon PLUS CVS will give you $5 in extra bucks! Final price 2/$3!!!!

Venus Razors, I found $2 mfg coupon plus CVS will give you $3 extra bucks!

Gillette razors, I found $3 mfg coupon plus CVS will give you $2 extra bucks!

Garniea Oila Hair dye on sale for $8.99 minus the $3 coupon I found. Total price $5.99!!


As mentioned above, here is my recipe for my chicken salad.

1 can chicken shredded

diced onions

shredded carrots



Mix it all together¬† and eat with chips/crackers…whatever you desire.

Well it is time for me to get back to work! Everyone have a great day!


Good morning!

SO excited. Went to look at our new apartment yesterday! It is almost DOUBLE the space we have now. In the apartment were in now we do not have washer/dryer or dishwasher!!! In the new apartment we do! Also we have a large dog run for our girls to play and be happy! AND we will be living in Lowe¬†Greenville area of Dallas! ¬†We move in on Friday the 5th. SO….we better get to packing!!!

Last night we watched Man With The Iron Fist! I LOVED it….Jason, not so much ūüôā I¬†have always¬†been a kung fu movie type of girl!

Today I’m just trying to stay busy at work and dreading taking the bus home today because it is about to start storming ūüė¶

That is all for now…maybe I’ll post again later.