Been a while….

WOW…..I haven’t posted anything in over a week! Last blog I had mentioned that my hips were bothering me and that was just the beginning. I ended up going to Baylor ER that night because I couldn’t even get up and down out of my chair without crying. They gave me morphine while I was there and sent me home with the highest powered steroid to help with all of the inflammation, pain meds and muscle relaxers! The rest of the week and weekend I spent in bed or hobbling around the house as much as my body would allow. I did watch a lot of movies and Netflix while I was down. I finished all 6 seasons of DOCTOR WHO finally which is sad…I have to wait till November for season 7 to be on Netflix now! I also watched “Oz the Great and Powerful” IT WAS AWESOME! I had heard a lot of negative reviews but I absolutely adored it and will be watching it again!

IMG_20130601_092031 Lola worrying about her Mamma!!!

Haven’t really been eating too healthy, just what’s convenient. So as far as my healthy eating plan…its gone off course a little. Positive thing is that I haven’t gained any weight. I cannot wait until my body is back at 100% and I can get back to my mission.

IMG_20130601_182643 Homemade Pork Potato and Onion Tacos on Corn Tortillas

IMG_20130527_182801 Baked Sweet Potato with bbq ranch, onions and cheese on top. Side salad and rolls.

This week back at work has been busy! So much for easing myself back into routine. Getting ready for summer projects and volunteer groups. If you are interested in helping in any way please visit

Now that everyone knows I’m still alive and kicking I will attempt to get back on a regular blogging schedule.

Good Day~


19 days of random happenings

So I haven’t blogged anything since the 1st of May…that’s what happens when your husband is home the same times that you are!! We have been going out to eat a lot and doing things around town. I have gained 4lbs this month but I blame it on it being my birthday month! Saturday May 18th was my 33rd birthday. The past few weeks I have been celebrating. Went out to Fort Worth Tx for weekend before last and spent some much needed time with my family. Did a lot of shopping and eating with them! Found a new fav gelato…


My sister bought me a BEAUTIFUL dress…


Then all this last week my honey and I went out to dinner every night to celebrate. Friday we went shopping for me for my birthday and I got a couple cute tops and some new shoes. Saturday…on my birthday we went to dinner at my favorite burger place “Jakes Old Fashioned Hamburger” and I got my usual…The Hot Cowboy (burger with jalapeno bacon, chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese) with sweet potato fries. I also had a 10$ Jake Shake….it was pineapple rum, mango rum and banana run with vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a cherry on top!


We also found a new little hole in the wall diner that has the BEST breakfast in Dallas.


We went two days in a row!! I got the chorizo omelet with hash browns and two buttermilk biscuits. Soooo…no wonder I have gained 4lbs…im surprised it wasn’t more! I am not very proud of myself for my poor food habits however everyone deserves to let loose now and then and why not on my birthday week!

Since I stepped on the scales and saw my weight gain I am now ready to get back on track. For my birthday I ordered me a weighted hoop so I can start hoop fitness! A friend got one and has lost 5lbs in two weeks. Plus I was doing research on hoop fitness and found out that it helps with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, mood stabilization and so much more! All of which I suffer from. I should get it in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday and will defiantly be updating on that progress. My honey wants to buy me a bicycle for my birthday as well, just looking for one that I like still.

Since I have turned 33 now I feel I should set forth some goals for this year.

#1 loose 33 lb at age 33 yrs

#2 get out more and stop being a Netflix hermit!!

#3 de-clutter my life…things and people

#4 Attempt to cook at home every night

#5 save money for a much needed vacay….I got over a week of vacation time already this year and I need to start putting it to use!

So back to reality….my bday fun is over. Tonight I am making baked vegan spaghetti.

Good day~

just dinner…

I hate it when I really don’t have anything interesting to say!  I was in a real funk today.  Work went slow as heck and came home to watch some Netflix. I just finished season one of an awesome show called  “Bomb Girls” check it out. I will leave you with a pic of my healthy dinner I cooked tonight. Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Black Beans seasoned with s&p, garlic and my usual crushed red peppers. (i put it in EVERYTHING)To go along with it a Boca Burger Chickn’ Patty.


good day~


Its been a few days since I blogged last…Ive been somewhat of a hermit. Over the weekend I was completely alone. When I woke up my finance was out the door for work and he didn’t come home from work until after I was asleep 😦 I realized how extremely boring my life is without him.) I sat in my comfy chair and watched Netflix or was browsing Pinterest almost all weekend. When I wasn’t in my chair I did manage to create some lovely and delicious dishes and the recipes will be below. Anyway my finance works for the musical Wicked and  will most likely be going to Louisiana on May 6th for three weeks for the next show…..what the hell am I going to do?!?! I am glad that I have about 30 hours in vacay and personal time because I will fly there to stay a couple night. It will be my first time to NOLA.

Work for me has been slow but it is all about to change! A lot of big projects coming up and a lot of volunteers coming through and helping out. We are in desperate need of size 2T/3T clothes for boys and girls for spring/summer and we are doing what we can to get the word out!

Here is a recap of my healthy food choices and recipes to share with the world.



Black bean and spinach quesadilla with salsa.





Breakfast pie with eggs, spinach, asparagus, bacon, tomatoes, onions and cheese. Bake on 350* for 25-30min or until crust (pre-made Pillsbury) is golden and filling is bubbly!



Monday I was bad and went to Taco Cabana for 1.50 nachos and 1.50 margarita! oops.




Bean Kale and Bacon (BKB) Sauteed the kale in the bacon grease until wilted and then crumbled the bacon in and the can of beans. To season further I added crushed red peppers and a dash of garlic salt.

In regards to my weight loss and to wrap things up…I am at a stand still of -6lbs I’m not complaining however I would like the number to keep dropping! I have gone from a 2liter of soda a day to 2 12 oz cans a week so I am VERY proud of myself for that accomplishment!

Good day~

long weekend….

Hey…whats going on world? It has been a long and busy weekend for me!

Friday was pretty relaxing, plus I still wasn’t feeling too well. My honey and I got the movie “This is Forty” from Redbox and it was HILARIOUS!!!! It was totally us except the roles were reversed! Then I got Netflix and stayed up until 2am watching stuff! It may have been a bad idea.

Saturday was a blast..until it wasn’t. HA! We had plans to do A LOT of things that were going on around our area (Earth Day Dallas, Taco Festival, Deep Ellum Art Walk…) Well Jason, my fiance, used to DJ and the record store two blocks over was having a “National Record Store Day Festival” So we went to check that out first and found out that if you purchase a $5 souvenir cup you get to drink beer for FREE….ALL DAY….come and go as you please!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Getting the party started


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Awesome local band Bashe (beige)

We were there on and off from 10am until 830pm so pretty much the rest of the day was out the window. It was a lot of fun and there were SO many great bands performing, they were giving away band stickers and posters and tees for free, there were food trucks out there…but you can only handle so much…but I can only handle so much! Called it a night so I was prepared for SUNDAY.


So today I had to go into work from 830am until noon. We had about 20 volunteers from Fellowship Church Dallas come and pull weed, plant flowers and mulch the entire playground. We worked so hard and even endured pulling up POISON IVY! Which is scary because it was on the PLAYGROUND!

The rest of the day has been really relaxing…watching my obsession on Netflix “DR WHO” and cooking dinner. Thought I would be a little creative in the kitchen today and made up a dish of my own (can’t really claim it as my own…I’m sure others have made this or something like it) Below is the recipe, it turned out DELICIOUS and they whole house smells so good!


  • 2 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • Sea Salt
  • Red pepper flakes
  • 1 Large Sweet Potato
  • 1 Bunch of fresh spinach
  • 1 lb ground sirloin (you could use ground turkey or chicken if you like)
  • Cooked Brown Rice



In a skillet add two tbsp coconut oil and peeled/diced sweet potato with a dash of cinnamon, red pepper flakes and a pinch of sea salt. Fry over medium high until potatoes are soft and brown color to them.


Add in the fresh spinach and cover so it can wilt down.


While it is wilting in a separate skillet brown the beef/turkey/chicken. Then drain and add to the sweet potato/spinach mixture.


Serve with brown rice on the side and ENJOY!


Good day~