Rainy Wednesday


Day 3 of this slow and steady drizzle/rain and I am SO over it! My dogs are over it as well, they just want to be outside running and soaking up the sun. Taking the bus in this weather is a nightmare! Especially when you are heading out while it is still dark outside. Monday I slipped and fell in the mud and my bus was 1/2 hour late due to the rain.

Speaking of bus rides, this morning a pretty nice looking older gentleman got on the bus wearing a trench coat and carrying a briefcase. He started fumbling through it and acting all weird and sneaky. I of course was being nosy and trying to see what he was all flustered about. In his briefcase was a whole bunch of old newspaper clippings and old TIME magazines. Everything he had was JFK, MLK and Moon Landing related. He had written “TRUTH” on a lot of the stuff in red marker. Strange…yet I have seen stranger.

Work has been going great, getting more hours and more responsibilities. Making that $$. I guess with the extra cash I am bringing in now I could splurge and buy me some more business casual clothes and shoes since i pretty much have NONE! I mean seriously what woman only has ONE pair of dress shoes?!?! Oh yeah… me. 😦 Guess I will start looking for any sales happening this weekend.

Speaking of sales and deals; at the 99cent Only Store they now have four packs of the International Delight Iced Coffee for ONLY 99CENTS! What?!?! Heck yeah I bought some and they are really good. Think I’ll go back today and wipe them out!


Well I suppose I should start working on stuff here at work, a lot has to be done in preparation for our Nov 1st Coat Closet for our families. So excited for colder weather! Too bad this is TEXAS and we will only need coats for a few months. Oh well. Texas if defiantly a hoodie, scarf and mittens state though!

Hope everyone has a wonderful HUMPDAY!



Good morning!

SO excited. Went to look at our new apartment yesterday! It is almost DOUBLE the space we have now. In the apartment were in now we do not have washer/dryer or dishwasher!!! In the new apartment we do! Also we have a large dog run for our girls to play and be happy! AND we will be living in Lowe Greenville area of Dallas!  We move in on Friday the 5th. SO….we better get to packing!!!

Last night we watched Man With The Iron Fist! I LOVED it….Jason, not so much 🙂 I have always been a kung fu movie type of girl!

Today I’m just trying to stay busy at work and dreading taking the bus home today because it is about to start storming 😦

That is all for now…maybe I’ll post again later.